Skunk Rescue & Relocation and Animal Help Guide

Rescuing and relocating skunks since 1999!

Looking for help with another animal other than an adult skunk? Try this link. For more animal situations go here.

Do you charge for your service?

It depends. We do rescues for free, that is where the homeowner inadvertently caught a skunk in his trap while trying to get a feral cat or another animal. If we can release the skunk on your own property, we do not charge; although donations are appreciated for gas. If we have to transport the skunk to another location, then we do charge a small amount to cover our gas.

Where do you release the skunks?

We release all skunks from the same residence to the same place. That way the family unit can stay together. We work with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and release on land that they approve of. Sometimes this means we end up driving over 60 miles roundtrip to release sites.

There's a skunk out during the day, is it sick?

Not necessarily. Skunks are opportunistic. If you or a neighbor are putting cat/dog food out at a certain time each day, the skunk tunes in to that and will wake just for his feeding. Then he will go back to bed.

If the skunk is dazed, stumbling, turning in circles, falling over, then yes, he is sick. Give us a call and we will come get him/her.

Will moth balls keep the skunks away?

No. Don't waste your money. Moth balls are highly poisoned and not good for any animal. Cats and dogs find them, eat them and become very sick. The smell of the moth ball does not bother a skunk, after all, if his own smell doesn't bother him, a little old moth ball isn't going to. I've seen skunk dens where they have dragged the moth balls into their den and were sleeping on them! Moth balls are only good for little old ladies.

Will bright lights or loud noise keep the skunks away?

No. Skunks don't hear very well to begin with and can only see a few inches in front of their face. They adapt very nicely to their surroundings no matter what the noise or lights. They truly think everyone should just get along in this world together and will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Should I feed a skunk that comes around each night?

Probably not. You will just attract all kinds of other creatures and pretty soon they will be fighting for the food. Skunks and other wild animals are pretty adept at finding their own grub and its better for them.

How do you remove a skunk from under my house?

We set a live trap at the opening of the hole to your house. Generally, we can get the skunk that night. We always check our traps early the next day as we do not like to leave animals in a trap longer than 12 hours.

How many skunks might be living under my house?

Homeowners that call us with a skunk problem generally have 4 skunks causing the problem. We have removed 20 skunks from 2 different homes within the last few years. In each case, the homeowner swore they only had one skunk! The females like to den together while the males are loners and typically den alone.

Is there something else we can do besides trap the skunk?

Yes, if you don't mind that the skunk lives on your property, but you just want him out from under your house, we have a proprietary method of exclusion that is less expensive than relocating. Call us for details as it involves us inspecting the hole first.