Skunk Rescue & Relocation and Animal Help Guide

Something Else

  need to call animal control. Salem Oregon does not have a city/county/state program that deals with Animal Control. Thus the reason for the creation of this  phone guide.  There is a Marion County Dog Control that deals only with dogs and then there are wildlife control officers that deal only with nuisance wildlife animals and do charge a fee. The rest of the animal issues are dealt with charities, city police, sheriff's department, state police, Oregon Fish & Wildlife and Department of Agriculture.

I found a baby animal and there is no mom that I can see. Mother wildlife can leave their babies alone for several hours while they forage for food. Do not touch or pick the baby up. Watch it and if the mother has not returned within 4 hours call here.

I found a baby animal and the mom is dead. If you are comfortable, pick the baby up using a towel or blanket and place in a box. It is important to keep them warm as they become hypothermic easily. Do not delay and get the baby to a qualified care giver as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less chance the baby has. For immediate assistance, go here.

There is a raccoon/deer/skunk/squirrel etc in my yard. The Willamette Valley has a lot of wildlife inside the city limits. If you are fortunate to see them, count yourself lucky. Most of the time they are pretty secretive. Just let them be and if you don't bother them, they generally will not bother you.

 I can smell skunk in my yard but not under my house. The Willamette Valley has a lot of  skunks. The odor of a skunk can carry for over a mile. While you may think that the odor is coming directly from your yard, it could be blocks away. You may notice the odor more during February and March, which is mating season.  Trying to catch a skunk based on an odor in your yard rarely works; but it is a good opportunity to walk around the outside of your house and make sure all foundation vents are secure.

I can smell skunk under my house. Walk around the outside of your house and make sure all foundation vents are secure or there are no holes where an animal can gain access. If you find a hole, do not block it as you may block the animal inside and that creates an even bigger problem.

I'm driving on a road and saw something to report but I can not stay and wait for you to show up. There are not too many volunteers/workers who are going to respond to a call if you are not going to wait for them. The reason is, by the time they get there, the animal is usually gone or the responder doesn't even know if they are looking in the right place. It is important for you to wait for the responder so you can update them via phone on what the animal is doing.

An animal has damaged/torn the insulation under my house. Day's Heating in Salem and Corvallis specializes in insulation damage created by animals. Call 503-363-4822 and ask for Aron.

There is a dead large animal (deer, horse, cow, etc) on the freeway/highway/road. There are different numbers to call depending on which road you are on. To find the correct number, look under "Carcass Removal" here.

There is a dead animal in my back yard. Oregon Fish & Wildlife recommends that you triple bag the animal, using gloves, and place in your garbage.

There is a opposum/skunk/raccoon/squirrel in my house/garage/shed. The cheapest and fastest way to remove an animal that is in a building is to leave the door open. You may need to wait until night time when it will feel more secure leaving. In the meantime, just leave it alone and when it leaves at night, shut the door.

There is a bird loose in my house/garage. Close all doors in the house except for one room with a window (or it could be the room with an outside door). Open the window, removing the screen and try and make the rest of the house dark. It may take a bit for the bird to calm down, but eventually it will seek the light from the window and fly out on its own. Do not chase the bird around as that will confuse it more and he will be too distracted to look for the lighter areas.

I was trying to trap a feral cat and I trapped a raccoon/skunk/opposum/squirrel.  The easiest thing is to let the animal out on your own property. Oregon law requires you to obtain a permit from ODFW if you "transport" the animal in a vehicle. In addition Oregon law states that adult raccoons and opposums must be euthanized and not relocated. However you are allowed to release them on your own property. Baby wildlife can be transported to a wildlife center. Find a wildlife center near you here.